Welcome to Borderlink

BorderLink intends to become a Global Player and a progressive import and export firm while delivering a contemporary customer experience worldwide.

What do we do

BorderLink helps entrepreneurs launch innovative products in the Eurasian markets. In our offices one can find specialists with profound knowledge of each particular region. We conduct extensive market research to provide expertise to customers to help them bring out quality products, best service and competitive prices in the most efficient and professional way. In one word, we help our customers gain maximum leverage in markets that are unfamiliar to them.

Product Launching

Borderlink ensures a winning product launch that starts with matching the capabilities of your product to the needs of your target market.

Product Sourcing

Borderlink helps entrepreneurs source the products required for their business in markets that are unfamiliar to them.

Imports and Exports

Borderlink imports and exports products between Europe and Asia.


BorderLink’s highly experienced and talented team with long trading experience has created a totally fresh, unique and contemporary approach to the business that is appropriate to today’s market and customers’ needs.


BorderLink’s specific policies and standards for serving customers and producers along with carefully monitoring the quality of the products that we buy and sell and also the services we provide.


In order to respond fast on market changes, understand and foresee future tendencies in markets and to be one step ahead, BorderLink daily monitors and analyzes the situation for each indicator of the global chain.

Finest Green Tea

BorderLink is an international firm specialized in importing and exporting Food and Non Food products from Asia and Europe.

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